Kumovis: Munich company with a vision for standout patient care

Kumovis got its start at the Technical University of Munich by alumni in fields ranging from medical technology to polymer engineering. The company combines its 3D printing technology with associated software to transform medical device manufacturing, and consequently help improve patient outcomes. Besides enabling functionalized and individualized medical products such as implants and surgical instruments, Kumovis offers the medtech industry a regulatory roadmap and documentation to get products to patients faster.

At the core of Kumovis’ additive manufacturing solutions is the company’s filament 3D printer for medical-grade polymers like PEEK, PEKK, PPSU or PLA: Kumovis R1 features an integrated clean room, which makes it the world’s first of its kind and ideal for healthcare applications. Using Kumovis technology, medical device companies and hospitals can tailor manufacturing to patient requirements in a resource-efficient way. It offers freedom of design with high-performance materials and has been validated by leading medical industry companies as well as hospitals.

Our vision

As Kumovis, we create leading-edge technologies to ensure outstanding patient care.


Our mission

We enable the creation of medical products that bring outstanding benefits to the healthcare sector and especially its patients. Driven by their needs, we create new technologies, develop sound processes and provide materials.

Together with our partners, we build and establish an ecosystem, that has our 3D printing knowledge and technology at its core. With everything we do, we exceed medical technology requirements and regulations. 

Our history

3D printer for medical use

Kumovis GmbH gets its start by five TUM alumni, who found the company to offer a 3D printer for medical-grade polymers like PEEK.

Fall 2017

Seed funding

The start-up’s round of seed funding allows for further developing its medical 3D printing system and get it ready for market.

Summer 2018

ISO 9001 certification

The quality management system of Kumovis is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Summer 2019

Introducing Kumovis R1

The Kumovis R1 is launched. It's the world's first 3D printer with clean room integration.

Summer 2019

Series A funding

Kumovis raises Series A funding from backers including polymers specialists Solvay Ventures and Renolit.

Spring 2020

Point-of-care 3D printing

Besides helping medtech companies advance their products, Kumovis installs the R1 3D printer in a hospital for the first time.

Winter 2020

US subsidiary

Kumovis establishes a subsidiary in the United States to serve customers in the North American region.

Spring 2021

Kumovis and 3D Systems

By joining forces with 3D Systems, 3D printing capabilities and market access will be accelerated.

Spring 2022

The values we share


People, especially their personality and well-being, are the most valuable to us as Kumovis. We are open and respectful, and we care for each other. This is the basis of working together and building up trusting relationships – inside our team, with our partners and our customers. The motivation we have as an organization is continuously inspired by the passion of every single individual. This is what makes working together a lot of fun.


At Kumovis, we live a culture that fosters our creativity, encourages us to try out new things and think outside of the box. We apply our strong research-based background and our mentality to think two steps ahead in order to solve complex problems. 


Together with our interdisciplinary partners, we co-create a full solution for medical 3D printing. We believe that building up close co-operation and trustful partnerships with other experts is essential to solve today’s challenges of the healthcare sector.


We are aware of the impact our work has on the well-being of patients who are treated using our technologies and services. To value this great responsibility, it is natural for us to fulfil the high requirements when building products that are applied in the medical industry. 

At Kumovis, we always strive for the highest quality and reliability of our products and services. Finding the path between a high degree of innovation and meeting the requirements of the medical industry is a challenge we tackle with passion every day.

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