Spinal trial cages 3D printed with X-ray visible PPSU and handle

Alternatives to using titanium for implants and instruments

Metals are widely used in medical fields like neurosurgery. But there are lighter yet strong alternatives to using titanium for implants and instruments.

Patient-specific PEKK implant featuring 3D-printed Kumovis Improved Implant Interface macrostructure

New portfolio: First impressions of Kumovis Improved Implant Interface

Kumovis brings unique surface functionalizations to 3D-printed medical devices. Here is Improved Implant Interface at a glance.


Medical-grade polymers and their uses displayed at virtual events

Kumovis to showcase new 3D printing solutions with more than ten medical-grade polymers at COMPAMED and Formnext 2020

Mesh square 3D printed with PEEK

Top polymers for 3D printing in medicine

To make easier decisions, here is a brief overview of the top filaments used for 3D printing medical devices

Open defect to the right side of a skull with fitting 3D-printed PEEK implant next to it

3D printing in hospitals: How to make it work

To avoid medical device shortages and bring outstanding benefits to patients, 3D printing is a resource-efficient solution

Interbody fusion cage 3D printed with Kumovis r1

What it takes to 3D print medical devices with polymers

Kumovis helps medtech manufacturers meet technological and regulatory challenges when 3D printing with materials like PEEK and PPSU

Kumovis business development manager Martin Herzmann explaining the benefits of medical 3D printing to two customers using graph on transparent glass board

Kumovis steps up medical 3D printing efforts

About half a year after introducing its first 3D printer series, Kumovis focusses on its applications – with a well-known face in the medtech industry


Advanced medical technology thanks to additive manufacturing

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