New portfolio: First impressions of Kumovis Improved Implant Interface

Patient-specific PEKK implant featuring 3D-printed Kumovis Improved Implant Interface macrostructure
With Improved Implant Interface, Kumovis brings unique surface functionalizations to 3D-printed medical devices

In 2020, the “impact through innovation” value remains at the core of Kumovis: Besides having introduced a medical 3D printer featuring new components like a local cooling system the previous year, Kumovis keeps on working on added-value features for 3D-printed medical devices. As of now, the company is offering Improved Implant Interface to help physicians struggling with osseointegration.

A 3D-printed macrostructure can be used to enlarge the surface of medical products, thus supporting bone ingrowth. Moreover, Kumovis is ready to help you evaluate your medical product idea and find the right material for additive manufacturing. The expanded range of medical-grade polymers available for Improved Implant Interface includes PEKK, PEEK and PPSU.

PEKK implant featuring smooth surface PEKK implant featuring Improved Implant Interface

In addition, a selective microstructure serves to transport nutrients through capillary effects. Coating technology enables hydrophilic surfaces. Feel free to contact us for more information about the new Kumovis portfolio, and we will tackle your medical 3D printing challenges together.