Kumovis expands into United States​

Kumovis co-CEOs Stefan Leonhardt and Dr Miriam Haerst showing documents of incorporation in the USA
In addition to further developing its 3D printing solutions for healthcare, Kumovis is venturing beyond the European medtech arena for the first time

To further spread its innovative processes for the additive manufacturing of medical products, Kumovis recently announced the opening of its first subsidiary in the United States. Kumovis Inc. forms the cornerstone for business relationships with partner companies in North America. Initial negotiations and 3D printer installations are already in progress. Kumovis is thus continuing its ongoing growth path.

New 3D printing solutions for healthcare

Of course, the co-founders made the decision to enter the US market not by chance. Current developments make the team look forward to profitably using the spirit of optimism for its partners and ultimately patients in the country. With new value-added 3D printing solutions for healthcare, Kumovis taps into the market. The additive manufacturing of cranial implants, spinal fusion devices and instruments are only three examples from the wide variety of possible medical applications. What’s more, a report by the auditing and consulting firm EY emphasizes that the way toward resource-efficient processes like these and resilient supply chains is more in demand than ever.

Looking at the individualization of cranial implants, for example, on-site 3D printing enables savings not only in materials, but also in cost and time. Albert Woo, MD, also sees the opportunities:

“3D printing patient-specific PEEK cranial implants at the point of care can improve outcomes in neurosurgery and craniomaxillofacial surgery. The introduction of solutions like this will expand the market and provide faster access to these critical technologies.”

Besides developing new techniques, the award-winning surgeon pushes innovative processes for healthcare. He is one of many medical practitioners and device manufacturers in the United States who are convinced of the great potential of 3D printing in medicine.

Push 3D printing further into US healthcare

Kumovis is already working with Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for example, where a predecessor machine to the Kumovis R1 3D printer is in use. Such projects serve as tie-ins and help Kumovis push 3D printing even further into American healthcare, that is, the company makes it work beyond anatomical models and surgical instruments.

3D printed cranial plates and trial implant for neurosurgical procedures next to a human skull
Kumovis 3D printing solutions draw upon a variety of polymers and medical applications ranging from cranioplasty to spinal fusion surgery

Nevertheless, the innovative power will continue to come from the company’s headquarters in Munich, Germany. The European market remains in focus in order to be able to provide the best services for existing and new partner companies here. This is among the reasons why three new employees have recently joined the team in Munich.

In the US, innovators like Albert Woo are leading the way in their medical specialties. They are advocating 3D printing as a value-added manufacturing process. With its potential extending beyond craniomaxillofacial applications and the receptiveness to innovative 3D printing solutions for healthcare, the future is promising for US hospitals and medical device companies in particular. Contact Kumovis and we’ll find the right solutions for your medical 3D printing challenges.


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