Kumovis business development manager Martin Herzmann explaining the benefits of medical 3D printing to two customers using graph on transparent glass board

Kumovis steps up medical 3D printing efforts

About half a year after introducing its first 3D printer series, Kumovis focusses on its applications – with a well-known face in the medtech industry

To steer the medical 3D printing efforts of Kumovis towards point of care and patient-specific implants, the Munich start-up Kumovis continues driving the conversation about it. Martin Herzmann – he has been in charge of the company’s business development since the end of 2019 – and managing director Stefan Leonhardt will demonstrate the potentials of the Kumovis R1 3D printer. Medical device manufacturers can learn how to improve processes in a resource-efficient way.

In August 2019, the R1 medical 3D printer went into series production, and it’s up and running at the first customers’ sites. Applications range from medical serial production to individualized implants and surgical instruments. Approved high-performance polymers such as PEEK or PPSU are widely used; but new materials can also be 3D-printed with the R1: “A lot is likely to happen here, for example in the field of resorbable implants,” Stefan Leonhardt recently predicted for the trade magazine 3D Printing Industry. At specialist events such as the Additive Manufacturing Expo in Lucerne or the VDI conference “Kunststoffe in der Medizintechnik”, interested participants will learn first-hand about the new possibilities.

What happens when deep tech meets medtech?

Martin Herzmann had already pointed out before: “Thanks to our unique medical 3D printing system, we can finally bring the additive manufacturing of individualized medical devices to where it will benefit patients, but also physicians and medical technicians most – directly to the point of care.” Deep tech organization Hello Tomorrow recognized the potential of Kumovis technologies too by naming the start-up one of the six finalists in the Industry 4.0 path of its Global Challenge.

For Kumovis, the year started both eventful and promising. To find promising starting points for joint projects in medical 3D printing, feel free to get in touch. Kumovis is looking forward to sharing ideas on what medical innovations could bring outstanding benefits to the patients.